Created Mar 10, 2007


EU politics and certainly those of the UK are very important to me. I prefer Veggie foods, not because I don't want to eat animals.... I just never found them to my taste. I enjoy PC related communications and activities, while SCI-FI is what I like to watch and read.

Workwise I'm a storage engineer in the southeast of England... but could easily give this up for an easy life...

However,there are very many things that are VERY Wrong on this World ....and identifying the reasons and people behind the chaos is what I like to do, more finger pointing than exposes... but I do like to put blame... or praise, where it belongs.

I am not in favour of socialism in any form - they ruin economies, and engender social engineering, which I find abhorant, and
they believe in excessive government.

Personally, I want freedom from meddling, and of choice, but not at others expense.

... but mostly, now how did that phase go, I want a world wthout insanity or wars, where the able can prosper...